Saturday, 9 August 2014

I Came Completely Undone

Tonight, I'm glad to be undone
(Completely undone)

Years ago they laughed at me
When I said I would be free
Now my shackles are undone
(Completely undone)

And tonight the battle's won
Right in front of everyone
I am completely undone

I wandered chained up to the crossroads
Where I came upon someone
I changed and came completely undone

Now I finally see
Everyone is just like me
We  are all completely undone

With everything we're not
We found the perfect spot
To come undone
(Completely undone)

We've all got the right,
In the middle of the night
To come undone
(Come completely undone)

At the crossroads there's a place,
A space where it is safe to come undone
(Completely undone)

With every little dying breath
I will still confess I am undone
I come completely undone

With everything in me
I nailed my words onto the tree
My work completely undone

When I woke up from my sleep
I could hardly speak
Nail onto the tree a sheet of music me

The words and music fit as one
Once again I was outdone
(I came completely undone)

But now that I am free
I see it isn't only me

Wearing only our scars
Beneath a blanket of stars
We came undone
(We came completely undone)

In dying we just come
A little more undone
Dying is “amore” undone

Now finally they see
I nailed the word onto the tree
And that is why I came completely undone

You sang my words right back to me
At the crossroads and the tree
And once again I had to come undone

You're the voice of heroes unsung
The words of battles that they won

Sing I AM undone

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