Monday, 18 August 2014

Lighten up Buttercup

Musical influence:
Frank Proffitt, and old Appalachian Folk
Content influence:
Every guy who ever had a hard day working
and came home to yelling

Lighten up Buttercup
Put that frying pan away
Don't you plan
To hit me with that pan

I'm late by two whole hours
But stopped for these here flowers
I'm a working man
So take me as I am

Lighten up Buttercup
I've got bills to pay
So put that skillet back upon grill
If you kill me you'll be paying your own bills

Put that rolling pin right down
Don't you smack me on the crown
Lighten up Buttercup
Come sit down

Quit your yellin and your yacking
Or I'll be headed packing
Lighten up Buttercup
Lighten up

Men are working at the mill
Men are working at mine
Men are working on the rail
All the time

When we walk through the door
We don't want to fight no war
Lighten up Buttercup
And hold me tight

I am home and here to stay
Snuggle up Buttercup, it's o.k.
Don't be hollerin all night
I don't wanna start a fight

Snuggle up Buttercup it's alright

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