Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dusty Songs

Get out your dusty songs
And I'll bring my words along
Bring your dusty melodies of old
It could be that we spin some works of gold

Could be in the end
We might write a few in pen
Or maybe we'll just let them float on by
Either way it'd sure be fun to try

They say to leap and the net will just appear
And if it don't well it's not far to fall from here.

So sit on the porch and play
And we might just find a way
To strike a chord that sounds the way it should
And if we don't we could laugh and quit for good

Get a washboard and a jug
And we'll play to the lightning bugs
Those critters dance to almost any tune
The air is sweet underneath the August moon

So bring your dusty songs
They've been on the shelf too long
Bring 'em out to see the light of day
We can start any time you want to play

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