Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Alabama Boy

Sweet Alabama boy, you filled my heart with joy
The first time you came running down the road
You claimed you loved me true, and I know I loved you too
As you ran barefoot with a heart that overflowed
Imagine the surprise in my starry lovestruck eyes
When you sealed the deal by handing me a toad

I ran straight inside and for hours I just cried
I sobbed and my heart you did destroy
My pa said don't you worry and don't be in no hurry
He is just a boy from Alabam
Right now your heart is sore, but don't you cry no more
Someday you'll find an Alabama man

A few years past by when by now we both were ten
This time you came carrying a box
You gave it one more shot with that confidence you've got
I twisted up my golden sun-kissed locks
Imagine my displeasure when opened up the treasure
Baseball cards, bubble gum and river rocks


When we were seventeen I was the county queen
And you were still a scrawny scruffy kid
So imagine my delight when I looked into the night
And you caught me with the next thing that you did
You lit up the night skies with a hundred jars of fireflies
My heart took flight when you opened up the lids

When you were twenty four, you volunteered for war
I cried and wrote you every day
The day you didn't write me back my whole world turned to black
I fell to my knees and I did pray
Just bring me back my joy, my Alabama boy
Just bring him home and keep him here to stay

Then you knocked on the door and I nearly hit the floor
I could not believe that you were right before my eyes
You knelt down on your wounded knee to say please marry me
With a diamond like a star plucked from the skies
Your eyes were filled with tears but after all these years
Sweet Alabama man, you won me after all your tries.


  1. Many thanks to Robert Adam Plant for writing music to accompany "Alabama Boy". If you have not yet heard his other work, please check out his tunes at
    I expect we will be hearing more great stuff from him soon!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Brannon, A recording of the song with music and arrangement by Robert Plant Esq. is in the works. It will feature a female singer from the UK. Please check back for updates on this project. Thanks for reading.