Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Leave Your Baggage at the Station

Musical Influence: Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues
Content Influence:
Sign at Train Station

Main and Terminal Vancouver
Trip to Fluevog shoes in Vancouver

I wandered through the alleys
And the back roads of my mind
I carried too much baggage
Only some of it was mine

Wandered through the streets
Praying for a sign
Wandered to the station
Could not believe my find

Right up on the wall
There for all to see
Was a sign that seemed posted
Just especially for me

It said “Unattended baggage
May be destroyed”
When I read it
My heart was overjoyed

I took my baggage and my mess
A lifetime full of stress
I left it right beneath the sign
Now everything is fine

That unattended baggage
Was no longer mine
I left it unattended
For someone to destruct

I had so much baggage
That they had to bring a truck
My whole life turned around
Beginning with my luck

I left behind my baggage
I left behind my shoes
I left behind my bluejeans
And all of my bad news

I wore nothing but my long-johns
And a great big happy smile
I hadn't had such freedom
In really quite a while

I walked on down to Fluevogs
And I bought some brand new shoes
Good roads ahead 
And even better news

Now I'm whistling Dixie
And don't ever sing the blues
Who ever knew? So much to gain 
From losing so much pain

If you want a happy life
It's your baggage you must lose
Leave your baggage at the station
And walk off in brand new shoes

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