Friday, 22 August 2014

Oh Sitio

Written for Male Vocals,
Guitar and Harmonica

Musical Influence: Mumford and Sons
"Hopeless Wanderer";
Tracy' Chapman's Fast Car
and Springsteen's "The River"
Content Influence:
Samaritan Woman at the well

Oh sitio, Oh city oh
Oh city girl
Hocking your wares
At the Ivanhoe

Give me a drink
Pour me a glass
I will pay for it
Next time I am past

You don't know who you're talking to
I'm a prophet, I'm a king
Oh sitio
I thirst for everything

Oh city girl
Your soul is bare
Don't be taking thirsty men
To your room upstairs

You've had six men
Since Sunday
Not one was your own
Oh city girl, oh sitio

Those men you've been taking in
Cry sitio
Everyone is thirsting
Not knowing where to go

You don't who you're talking to
Get me a drink
I'd die for you
I'm not who you think

Come walk away with me
Come drink me in
You won't cry sitio
Another time again

Urbi et Orbi
The city and the world
I cry sitio
Come drink me in

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