Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mountain Ranges Open Pages

Musical Influence:
Dixie Chicks Cowboy Take Me Away
Content influence:
A writing pad on the dining room table 

My life's an open book
(My) voice is a mountain brook
Always babbling away
But always something sweet to say

I want to write on an open page
Not sing upon a stage
I want to hear others singing
That's the gift that I am bringing

I want to climb (to) the mountain top
Be happy with what I've got
Walk free through unruled mountain ranges
Making friends with wandering strangers

I want to walk barefoot in a mountain meadows
Cool down in mountain shadows
I want to pick wild mountains flowers
Wandering for hours and hours

I want to chop some fire wood
Nothing makes cooking taste so good
Like hunger from hard working would
This is living like we should

I want to capture every line
Make bread and cherry wine
Set a table on a tree stump and
Call it the mountain's finest dining

I want to find a mountain man
Who'll come and take a stand
But when the twilight comes around
Will sit and hold me by the hand

I want to head up on the hills
Sing sweet old mountain trills
I want to sing and not worry
That I need to be in some hurry

I want draw on unruled pages
Like mountain folks have done for ages
I want to draw water from a wishing well
I want to lie sleeping the sun a spell

I won't pave the way for you
Just maybe break a branch or two
Leaving a trail like scouters do
Then you'll know I'm out there too

(High up on the mountain
Few would even dare to climb)

If you see a notch upon tree
Know that it was me
I want to climb and climb and climb
The highest mountains

I want to sing another mountain song
I want someone to sing along
After this trip I'm taking
I'll be on the mountain, I'll be waiting

High up on the mountain
Few would even dare be climbing
High up on the mountain
I'll be rhyming 

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