Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Alexander's California

In the prairie dust-bowl days when he had bills to pay
A man named Alexander moved away
He went south to California (first time pronounced Californiay)

Prairie dust, California or bust
Signing cheques “In God we trust”
Means choosing California is a must

Back when California was another world away
Men like Alexander paved the way
When times are tough men like Alexander save the day

Walking out to step ahead is a risky thing to do
But California is the place where dreams come true
And Alexander dreamed enough for me and you,

Lives from rough cut dreams get hewn
On canvas skies hang paper moons
But everything in California blooms

Building movie sets and setting goals
Alexander went to Hollywood with (Mr.) Bowles
Saving pennies, saving dreams, saving souls

Three steps ahead of me
A real man on the family tree
He built the California that we see

Don't forget, life becomes the dream that you project
Baby you'll get to California yet
This is your own California set

For men like Alexander dreams come true
He dreamed up California,
In all my California dreaming I see you

You might hear the rush of the breaking sea,
But that's the voice of California calling me
California don't break hearts, she breaks em free

There are no shortcuts to this land
Every dream in California's built by hand
But we are all a part of Alexander's greatest plan

Get ready get set,
You'll get there yet
You'll be with me 
In Alexander's California by the sea.

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