Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Life is Like a Rocket

Music Influence:
Kenny Rogers "The Gambler", Paul Simon's "The Boxer"
Content influence:'
Mickey Rourke on Jimmy Kimmel
David Letterman's tribute to 
Robbin Williams

Life is not a box of chocolates
It's more like a rocket
It takes all your strength
Getting off the ground

And just when you get going
Start to feeling good
Someone comes around again
And knocks you right back down

The next time that this happens
Remember what they said:

You hit the ball like Mickey Mantel
You come back like Mickey Rourke
Come back Commerce Comet
The whole world's missing Mork

Mend your friendships
Mend your fences
Strengthen your defenses
Batten down the hatches
And sail in to the storm

Don't go picking fights
Pick the battles you can win
Pick the friends that you can count on
Time and time again

Life is like a yo-yo
Going north and going south
Now he is back, no one throws
A punch at Mickey's mouth

You're a boxer, you're a fighter
You're a wrestler, you're all right dear
You don't just lie there,
You get up off the ground

You only throw a punch
When you don't have a line
You crawl back inch by inch
Now your star is shining

We're missing Mickey Mantle
The whole world's missing Mork
We need more comeback kids
So thank you Mickey Rourke

Life is not a box chocolates
Life's not that sweet
Life's a lot about 
Getting on your feet

Life's a one way ticket
No refunds or exchanges
The best that you can do 
Is make it back by making changes

Life's a one way road 
Uphill all the way
Life is rough but 
Comebacks come to stay

Life is like a rocket
Flying to the moon
If you ain't there yet
You'll get there soon

Once you get into the sky
You let that rocket fly!

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