Saturday, 23 August 2014

How To Make Friends

Musical Influence:
Woody Guthrie
Content Influence
New friends made recently

Go find one guy
Who's hurting more then you
Be kind to him
Follow through

Smile a little kids
Even when you're sad
Be kind to them
They'll be glad

Don't judge a man
Til you've walked a mile
In his shoes
More than you are hurting too

Don't take selfies
With your camera or your phone
Call someone up
Who's all alone

Find just one friend
Be kind to him
Go back time and time
And time again

Don't be a follower
Don't seek them for your own
Walk side by side
You won't be alone

At 3:00 PM 
Remember all your friends
And the stuff their going through
You've got a friend coming back for you

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