Monday, 18 August 2014

Opportunity Won't Knock You Down No More

Musical Influence:
East Coast Fiddlers
Content Influence:
Waking up with three songs in my head this morning

Open up, Open up,
We've been knockin' can't you see
We've been knockin' on your door
Since half past three

Open up, Open up,
We've been knocking all night long
Opportunity and me
Done wrote a song

Open up, you fiddle head
Get your long-johns out of bed
Come and strike some lightning
With your bow

Maybe this is it
Baby, this could be our hit,
But I guess that you will
Never ever know

Open up, you fiddle head
Get your long-johns out of bed
Or Opportunity and me
We won't knock no more

Get up lazy boy
You treat your fiddle like a toy
I've texting, I've been calling
I've been hootin, I've been hollerin

If you don't answer me
I guess it's plain to see
Opportunity and me
Won't come no more

In this hard-knock life
You expect to take some strife
But every now and then
Expect to win

Opportunity and me
Are moving on
We's moving up, we's walking along
We is gone to play our songs

There'll be no more knocking
At your door

It wasn't life that knocked you down
You crazy fiddle clown
But every chance that came  a knockin' 
At your door

(All we wanted was your good old fiddle sound)

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