Saturday, 16 August 2014

You Can't Shed Kentucky

I moved from Kentucky
Where I was born and bred
Clear out to the west coast
For better roads ahead

I miss Kentucky bluegrass
But I miss fittin in
Time to shed Kentucky
And my old Kentucky skin


Time to shed Kentucky,
Time for fittin in
Time to shed Kentucky
Time to start again

I thought I'd meet some nice folk
And I've met quite a few,
But they don't play the banjo
Like us old Kentuckians do

I put away my banjo
Tied up my mountain songs
I tried to talk like they do out here
I tried to get a long


All those rainy days
And all those rainy nights
I sure could use some bourbon
To warm me up inside

After three years on the west side
Couldn't stand another day
I went into the shed tonight
And I began to play

Oh Kentucky it's been so long
Sweet down pickin style
Good Kentucky mountain songs
Not heard in quite a while

Every song causin' me to cry
Sung old songs, (I) hadn't sung in years
Played till the Jim Beam bottle ran dry
But couldn't dry the tears

You can't shed Kentucky
You can't lock her away
I guess I'm feeling lucky
My Kentucky's here to stay


  1. Hey, these are great lyrics! I love the chorus and the first two verses are particularly strong. There are a few rough spots from the standpoint of reading the song written, but its so hard to tell whether lyrics work or not until they're sung! I'll have to check out your tour schedule, your music sounds right up my alley...even though I've lived in Seattle most of my life..bluegrass is in my heart! (Also, I fiddle if you're ever looking for someone to jam with!)

  2. Rachel,

    Thanks for the encouragement; the next time I'm in Seattle I might just take you up on your invitation to do some bluegrass fiddle jamming. Thanks also for the feedback on the lyrics. I tightened them up a bit so they should read more smoothly now. Originally I had planned for a melody change toward the end, but I think that the transition was too drastic. You might also want to check out the song "I Comed Down From the Mountain". It could use some fiddle! Hope to see you on the open mic tour. Thanks for letting your friends know about it. And remember to nominate which open mic in Seattle should be a stop along the way.