Monday, 4 August 2014

All Creation Groans

“Did you read what they said about me in the paper?”


“Why do people have to be so cruel. The world is so negative.”

Don't worry about it. Besides it's not all negative. Some people love you.”

“Maybe once. Not any more.”I'm so tired of being criticized.”

You'll get over it. Just go do your job.”

“My job is useless; I wanted to do something with my life.”

You are doing something. You're having a huge impact and you're doing a lot of good.”

“I'm so depressed”

Look, you change the world in small ways; you just don't see it because the change is gradual. People really do like you. Just do your best and everything will work out.”

“I feel like I'm exploding inside.”

You need to relax. Go to bed a few minutes earlier each night an you'll see the difference it makes.”

“I feel like I'm burning out. I don't have the same energy that used to. “

Come on. It's almost sunrise. It's time for you to get to work. People are depending on you to be there."

“Ok. I'll do it, but just today. Then tomorrow I'll quit.”

You're not going to quit."

"I might."

"No, you'll carry on. You're the sun. I've given you everything you need. Just be yourself and you'll be fine. I created you, and you are mine. If I didn't think you could do what I made you to do, I wouldn't have put you where you are. I'm the one who comes to wake you every morning, just so that you can participate in my plan. I have chosen you, even if you haven't chosen me. Remember, I am the creator, you are the work of my hands.

Such protests sound absurd coming from the sun; how much more ridiculous must they sound coming from us, created just a little lower than the angels. You have a purpose and even if you don't quite know what it is yet, God has a plan for you. Patiently wait as it unfolds. Be thankful in the morning and know that whatever comes to you today, you can handle it with grace. Those obstacles that seem to block your way are no more than clouds in the face of the sun. If the sun rose today to do its job, you can too.
The same creator who woke up the sun, who kept the sea in it's place and mountains in theirs is the one who created you. If your problems are too much for you to handle, remember they're not too much for him. Life is not always about over coming obstacles; sometimes it's about radiating God's gifts to us so that they may burn away the clouds. How sweet must the sound of praise be in the morning when all creation groans.

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