Saturday, 5 December 2015

Madonna Bomb Baby

Mother Russia rise! Mother Russia falls!
Mother Russia cries; Mother Russia calls
I got the fight in me. You got the fire in you
I could fight this fire the whole night through
You got your vigil light but I am filled with doubt
I could blow you up or you could blow it out
You blow it out baby; you’re driving me crazy
(You blow, you blow it out baby. You blow, you blow it out baby)

First I rise and then I fall
Cause our baby cries; and our baby calls.
And you run away again baby
Our baby (is) driving me crazy
You blow my mind, I blow your brains
Either way, they say we’re both insane
I'm filled with doubt you're filled with flame
(You blow, you blow it out baby. You blow, you blow it out baby)

I crossed a burning bridge just to be with you
When I made it crossed you said we’re through.
Mother Russia where is my Lady?
Mother Russia why’s the world crazy?
I’m alone, alone again baby
Got to find another “lady”
Give me one that won’t drive me crazy
(You blow, you blow me baby. You blow, you blow me baby)

They build me up then they take me down
First they give me blow then they bring me down
Couldn’t walk the line for my baby
Now I’m snorting lines with some “lady”
There was one line I feared to cross
Now that I did my soul is lost
You said go to hell and you lick those flames
Well I am here with all my shame

I cry again baby; nothing can save me
Back against the wall face the firing squad
There She is right next to God
She said Fire! And those bullets flew
Every one was sent by you.
Vigil lights; tiny prayers; strings of beads; lying everywhere
53 bullets in my soul
Everyone is plugging holes
I fall face down and you run to me
That mouth to mouth you’re giving me
(You blow, you blow, you blow baby. You blow, you blow, you blow baby)
You brought me back again baby
You drank me in again baby

Mother Russia rise hear your baby call
Mother Russia come, Mother Russia please
Three tiny kids down on their knees
They did for you what she did for me
Little Lucy‘s not crazy she a Madonna bomb baby
And just when I thought you were gone
You got me quartered you got me drawn
You got me crying that I am saved
You’ve got my fears you’ve got my pains
You got my balls you got my chains
You blow you blow again baby

Men take it all and give women none
Oh a bit of silk just for their fun
They got your shame they got your guilt
They got you strapped, you have to stay
Couldn’t give a baby’s milk away

You got nothing again lady
Just a baby bottle and a bit of cloth
Just a vigil light; you got your wooden cross
But you don’t give up baby
That’s why you’re so crazy
And just like you, you don’t miss a beat
(You) take that crying child
Latch him to your breast
Never seen such a sweet caress
And as your child falls fast a sleep
Fully fed and tucked up neat
Five inch nails in his tiny feet
You set the world on fire again baby

You women just drive me crazy
First my mother and then my wife
Then my “ladies” it’s my whole life
Any girl can make a man crazy; can’t ever be lazy
Like a Russian doll, like a Russian Queen
Like a rushing wind, like a rushing stream
I never get you all baby
I strip you down layer by layer
Oh you Matryoshka doll baby
When I get inside it’s just the same
You beat me up at my own game
I never can own you but baby I need you
Oh baby we’re not through; but what can the world do?

ISIS rising. ISIS rage. Can’t get them into a cage
World war history page by page
They set the stage for a world war
We've been through this twice before
The world is going, the world is gone
I’ve finally written my final song
It’s over now baby
Nothing can save me

Then she said to me with her silky voice,
Can I still make you crazy?
Or are you too lazy?
Here’s your cocktail baby
I feel the fire welling up inside
She winks at me with her Russian eyes
Like a smoking Phoenix she’s on the rise
My world keeps moving on
I got my Madonna bomb

So you can call the world war off
It’s not a baby bottle it’s a Molatov
She took the vigil light, lit the silken cloth
She tossed the Molotov to the wooden cross
She tossed her head and she changed the game
She’s got the fuel she’s got the flame
She set us up, my Madonna bomb baby

She’s got the thrust she’s got the aim
You can call me crazy but I’m not to blame
No she's not crazy
She is a lady
ISIS you're not so strong
So why don't you just move along
You never do a lady wrong
Especially one with a Madonna bomb

You blow, you blow it up baby!
You blow, you blow it up baby!


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