Saturday, 19 November 2011

Motionless Revolt

Motionless Revolt
Katrina Boguski
(November 18, 2011)

Standing still upon the spot
Giving power to those who had it not
He sparked a motionless revolt
Dropping arms; he stood upon the holt

He stared silently waiting as he listened
Enemy blood, in ’s bright sun glistened
Dripping, drop on dripping drop,
His heart now loudly beating; his enemy’s now stopped

Hearing the last pulse as that man died at his feet
His taste for war was made replete
Seeing life fade out from the eyes of that other
He realized then it was his brother

Looking outward to the shaking ranks of frightened souls
Seeing piercing eyes peering out of foxes’ holes
He steadied his resolve and sucked in one more breath of wind
In that moment he was all aware that all are kith and each is kin

Nodding as though bidding clan good day
He turned his kilted form and walked away
Hearing the knell ring out from the kirk
He washed his hands of the devil’s work

That day he stirred the frightened hearts of men
As one by one, he led them through the fen
By the ancient graves they passed
Then each went home to hearth and home to weeping lass

Home to oatcakes, stew and tea
Home to peace and home to Thee
Home to tend the field she sowed
Enmity to amity turning earth where blood had flowed

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