Saturday, 31 December 2011

Appalachian Moonlit Night

Like a scene from some young boy’s dreams
She just appeared in those cut off jeans,
Like a page from a magazine,
She walked by like a beauty queen

Thumping heart and a nervous smile,
He looked up and he stared a while
She had the walk and she had the style
Had the look of a girl gone wild

She was Appalachian dynamite
Just one spark and she’d light the night
He was home from mining coal
Night like that there was just one goal

He’d sold his soul for that old black rock
He’d say hello but he could not talk
She walked by and she smiled at him
He felt the surge of a deadly sin

Virginia born and mountain grown
He got a whiff of that sweet cologne
He was getting ready to make his mark
Circling her like a hungry shark

Just as he was about to speak
Felt the hairs on his neck rise high
An old green Ford and her redneck pa,
Just drove in with his shotgun cocked

He took a breath and he stepped aside
He sipped his beer and he swallowed pride
He lost his chance but he saved his skin
Tempting moment but saved from sin

Her pa walked through that old bar door
He dragged her straight across the floor
Girl in left hand, gun in right,
Ain’t no boy gonna win that fight

The miner played some games of pool
It gave his heart some time to cool
It seems that night he played real well
Into his hands the bets just fell

Feeling strong and feeling fine,
Courage gained from sweet moonshine
He drove out to that girl divine
Picked her up in his beat up Chev
High octane and his engine revved

They drove that night to the county line
An old tin ring and some cheap red wine
He married her and he loved her so
They had some kids and they watched them grow

The years go fast and time just flies
They grow up before your eyes
Then ‘fore too long on a moonlit night
His own girl dressed in blue jeans tight

She struts in to some miners’ bar
He jumps in to his beat up car
He gets to the place and he knows the game
Every boy knows why he came

He’ll save her this time ‘n one time more
By dragging her across the floor
Girl in left hand, gun in right,
Ain’t no pa gonna win that fight

Appalachian dynamite
Will find a way to light the night
Miner boy you’d better run
Or that’ll be you with that cocked shot gun

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