Friday, 18 November 2011

Dive Right In

Dive Right In

October 3rd, 2011
Katrina Boguski

Sitting on the dock the other day,
I knew I still had more to say
Not wanting to rock the sea
I waited somewhat patiently

The stones that I once used to throw
Were lined up tightly in a row
Keeping track and keeping time
I stored them neatly in a line

All the rocks and all the words
All the bays and all the birds
Piled up filed up like they should
Feeling anything but good

Rock on rock, they mounted high
Brimstone falling from the sky
Then too much hale and too much rain
Just knocked me off my rock again

Salt of the earth, salt of the sea
A salty dog and a sultry me
Soon we all had more to see
And soon we all had more to be

Rock on, rock steady rock round the clock
Seemed like the wall of sea could talk
She said “Just throw one tiny rock
I’m vast and I can take the shock”

So throw I did, a word or two
And then I threw some off to you
Not knowing you that very well
I thought I might expect a swell

A seaside crash of criticism
A tidal wave of indecision
Splashing surge of pessimism
Followed aft by more derision
But somehow hope surged up instead
Different words than in my head
Meaning more than what was said
Hearing more than what was read

Changing out decaying rust
Replacing it with noble trust
Words just flowed; the speech just rushed
The final demon finely crushed

They started falling from my mind
Words were spoken now in rhyme
Sometimes painful, sometimes fine
Every thought a chant or chime

I’ve seen the tides of Fundy’s Coast
Met Father Son and Holy Ghost
Some tides change your point of view
Expose a different side of you

While turning water into wine
Woke prose and roused it into rhyme
He cast out demons far from shores
And whispered words to saintly whores
“Let he who’s sinless be the first to cast a stone”

With this my imperfections all came in
Reminding me of all I’d been
But insecurity nor duelling doubt
Could not change what I’d worked out

I could not throw more stones in to the sea,
Yet still Two Cents sang on in me
My sanguine side had been set free
So leaving rocks upon the pier
Leaving doubt and leaving fear
In that high tide of your career
Leaving sense and leaving sin
I found the answers deep within

With one fell drop and one fell sweep
Leaving past I dove in deep
Leaving current, leaving tide
I found answers deep inside
What priest once would not let you tell
Might still wash out with rhythmic swell
What confessors would not hear
Might still be whispered in some ear
So casting coins instead of stones or spells
I threw Two Cents into a well
Made a wish but will not tell

Depth of ocean depth of sea
Cannot contain the depth of me
Moving earth and rising deep
Somehow your song fit what I see
Like mamma’s, your Two Cents brought joy into my day
So tell your pop that you have earned your chance to play

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