Thursday, 17 November 2011

Naming - God's Peace

Naming - God’s Peace
(November 16th) Katrina Boguski

Every name contains a meaning
And a purpose to its sound
Every father has a hope
Even buried in the ground

Every child contains tomorrow
And a purpose he must find
Every father has a dream
Every one a different kind

Every traveller has a journey
And a purpose to his path
Every father has a memory
Which he stored up from the past

Never knowing when the path
Of the past and now might meet
Never knowing if his grave
Would be marking him beneath

Never knowing, ever hoping
Naming son for hope to come
Keeping past and future safe
He branded meaning into name

Never doubting your return
Never knowing his last day
He showed his wisdom
In the one word you might say

To hope “God’s Peace” might be restored
To hope “Son of God’s Peace” might be revealed
Wise James, buried in your grave
Dual purpose of a name is now revealed

Sleep James in the shallow of your tomb
Peace James to eternal rest be sent
The boys you raised now at last have met
Ending finally your very sad lament

Good James, houseboy to a nation yet to live
Deep eyes in your photo that they kept
Sweet James, keeping peace amid the war
Bright eyes smiling which once wept

"God’s peace" came and embraced your child
Undeterred by the jungle or the wild
Shooting photos of the child whom you did name
Teaching as you might have done the same

Know James, you raised them well
No pains, or tears or fears or war
Can destroy a person’s name
Finally “God’s peace” will have its reign

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