Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Telling Time and Telling Tales

Telling time and Telling tales
Katrina Boguski October 4th 2011

Telling time and telling tales
Searching inward for the grail
Breathing in and breathing out
Casting fear and leaving doubt
Taking time and walking on
Breathing meaning into song

Whispering streams into the rivers they become
Loving peace and finding hope in everyone
Hear compassion hear the pain
Weaving wonders from their strain
Working Ovid’s precious metas into song
Moving memory just to urge my soul along

Metallurgic metanoia golden changes
Charged with mystery of mind
Mining hope from every struggle I can find
Tragic moments so compressed by all the years
Now like magic have made diamonds from my fears
Could have laughed instead of shedding all those tears

Short of breath, short on sleep
Another song just seems to creep
Moving over, moving mountains in my mind
Could this be true happiness I find?
Making something out of nothing all the time
Finding meaning; beating rhythm; hearing rhyme

Raging river meets the ocean at the sand bar on the beach
Bonds of time, bonds of shame have all been breached
Drawing lessons from the mysteries that they reach
Tear or stream, river or sea they’re all water flowing rapidly to teach
Metaphoric deep description of the shore
Beating meaning into languages once more 

Between mystic invitation and a fearful hesitation
Lies a moment where the truth begins to dwell
Weaving meaning from the stories that they tell
Leaving space between the words, there’s a story undeterred
Only Cause can fill the void in with his Word;
Now and then within his voice is sometimes heard
As I settle into listening mode again
I begin to hear the rhythm in my pen

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