Monday, 17 October 2011

Words to Mulholland

October, 8th, 2011
Katrina Boguski

Oh hey, hey Mulholland,
Oh hey, hey, old man
You’re a complex hero
I’m a complicated fan

Oh hey, hey Mulholland,
Oh hey, hey old man
You’re a California dreamer,
Born in Ireland

From school, to digging ditches
At the start of your career
Working hard each day,
Rose to chief engineer

You did change one city’s luck
Bringing water through that duct
Taking drought and doubt away
Became the father of L.A

You worked when clipper ships
Still sailed the sea
Though you couldn’t walk on water
You brought life to me

You took a group of hard rock miners
You rocked them night and day
And no matter what they say
You brought the water to L.A.

They could bring L.A. to the water
Or the water to the town
So you took mules, men and whiskey
And you brought that water down

Now I do know there’s more to say,
That your story ain’t all grand
The folks of Owens’ Valley
Lost the water in their land

It was a pretty big diversion,
You know I’ve had my digressions too
But every time I raise a cup
I still think about you

Oh hey, hey Mulholland,
Oh hey, hey old man
Water pipes ‘n heavy drinking
Is how that water run began

Then of course there was that day
At St. Francis dam
When water breached wall
Flooding all the land

Now I know you hung your head
When you thought about that day
I know you envied dead men
In the graves where they did lay

Being father of the city
Couldn’t take the pain away
Oh it wasn’t very pretty
Yeah we’ve all had bad days

Now they blamed you at first
Said ‘cause of you the wall did burst
The fields below immersed,
But they still quenched their thirst

Now hey, hey Mulholland you listen to me
There was something beneath the dam
That you simply could not see

Deep beneath the rock, well below the wall
There was a great big fault
And when that crack let loose
Dam opened like a vault

Oh hey, hey Mulholland,
Oh hey, hey old man
When mother earth is fractured
You don’t stand a chance

So go back to that victory day
When water flowed at will
Go back to that grand cascade
Roaring down that hill

You go back and say
I am the father of L.A.
“There it is; take it”
It flows out everyday

I’ll take my tin cup running
All the way back to you
It started with a vision
One I did have too

Oh hey, hey Mullholland
You ain’t all that bad
Days when I was crying
You were all I had

And now my words are flowing
Gushing like your steam
Oh hey, hey Mullholland
We have all got dreams!

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