Monday, 17 October 2011

Some Come Together

Katrina Boguski
October 5th, 2011

Some come together some fall apart
Some come loving with a different heart

Some go over some come back
Some bring peace and some attack
Some live mourning all their dead
Some bleed blue and some bleed red
Some have hunger some have bread
Some come lying in a different bed

Sun comes up and sun goes down
Some start losing what they have found
Some lose heart and some lose minds
Some lose dollars some just dimes
Each one betting on a different game
Each war ending much the same

Moonlit night and a dream
Tender moments with another being
All bring memories of another scream
Projected on to a different screen
Some come together some fall apart
Some come loving with a different heart

Some stories end and some never start
Some notes flat and some notes sharp
Some keys black some keys white
Some come together for another fight
Some sing songs and some fight fright
Some shoot guns and cry at night

Some hold arms and some hold hands
Some come together from different lands
Some shed tears and some shed blood
Some tears flow and some tears flood
Some taste life and some taste death
Some breathe spirit, some just breath

Each wave breaking on a different shore
Each song bringing out another chord
Each foot walking on a different floor
Each spirit walking through a different door
Each priest preaching out a different word
Each soul praising the same old Lord
Each one calling him a different name
Each knee bending just the same

Some tracks lie on different lines
Some truths revealed in different times
Some arrows fly and some just fall
Some friends write but some don’t call
Some get up and some get down
Some guys smile and some guys frown

Some have rhythm some have words
Some come crashing into different worlds
Some have more and some have less
Some conceal and some confess
Some have the excess others lack
Some men working on a different track
Some work breaking on a different back

Some kids will and some kids won’t
Some kid do and some just don’t
Some skip rope and some skip bail
Some be the hammer some be the nail
Some arrows swinging on a different rail
Some bars keeping us in different jails

Some play games and some play songs
Some write words and some right wrongs
Some folks teach and some folks learn
One bridge built another burned
Some graves cry and some graves turn
Some money stolen some gets earned

Some soldiers marching to a different drum
Some cry out for what they’ve done
Some drummers drumming to a different beat
Some soldiers marching home on different feet
Some fights begin with a fleeting need
Some wars started from a different creed

Some take a shot some shoot drugs
Some men hanging out with different thugs
Kandahar and Iraq
Some fall forward some fall back
Some come home Making Waves
Some got lost and some got saved
Some come together some fall apart
Some come loving with a different heart
Some come together…

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