Thursday, 16 January 2014

I See the Moon!

Tonight I saw a mother out with her young child
I see the moon!” she yelled while it raised tides upon the shore
As if discovering something none had seen before
The little one pointed happily and smiled

Something far from contemplation gripped the mother 
She was lost in something else, mind wandering some place
In that inner turmoil that has no room for outer space
She saw not the moon, and not her child and none of their wonder as each beheld the other

I looked into the sky again to see the moon that earlier made me sigh
I see the moon! I said silently, as if to acknowledge what she'd discovered
Her joy unbounded, mine still undercover
Though my expression more subdued, we both had found a treasure money cannot buy

I see the moon! I said a hundred times, delighted at the sound
I marveled that in the times I had failed to see the moon
It had not failed to shine with stars around it strewn
Seeing such tonight, moon-tide fears were drowned

If in aging my eyes should dim down to blind
And if I cannot see the moon in more darkness than the night
May I still look up and yell, “I see the moon!” with sheer delight
And in faith know it's there for another child to find

If you see the moon tonight know it is the same moon shining here
Not since the day the dish ran away with the spoon
Have I ever yelled so much I see the moon! I see the moon! I see the moon!
Nothing is ever far away when someone sees the moon so near.


  1. Very nice Poetry!
    I hope I can always keep my eyes open like the child and my heart as well.

  2. Katrina, this was excellent! One of my favorite poets and writers as Edgar Allan Poe; not for what seems to conjur some darkness in me; but, his amazing style - 'The Raven' has such great rhythm to it as well as the portrait of a deeply, profoundly troubled soul that has lost someone so dear - as a musician, I feel that rhythm and can feel his pain - like a good blues tune - your pattern of rhyme is very reminiscent of that - hard to do - and then you are able to tell the story as well, allowing the reader to join you in the frustrations of those that can't even take the time to just look up - sorry for so many words of analysis - but, without music, it's the only way I can explain myself - very nice stuff

  3. David,

    Thanks for reading and for commenting; I really appreciate hearing from readers (especially those who are also musicians). It's hard to know if the rhythm and rhyme in my head survives once it hits the page; thanks for reassuring me that this time it did. Keep in touch and let me know if you have any gigs coming up in the future.

  4. Poetry and song lyrics are two different things, and it might help to decide which one you'd lie to focus on... I appreciate your passion :)

  5. Nick, Thanks for the reply. Your comment inspired a eureka moment for me. I agree that poems and lyrics are different things, and while I'll likely continue writing both, I've decided to label which posts I wrote as poems and which are lyrics. For example, "I See the Moon!" was definitely intended as a poem while "Crocodile River" and several others are songs. I have basic melodies for the songs in my head but want to work with musicians to develop them more. While I'm still developing the music, labeling the posts might help give some context to the words. Thanks again!