Monday, 17 October 2011

The Job is not done

Katrina Boguski
October 12, 2011

The job is not done,
Not done, no not even begun
The job, the one you worked for
It’s still there just beyond the door

That loud annoying sound
That woke you late last night
That was opportunity, it finally came around
So go another round and get up for the fight

Just getting to the forum does make you champ
Just getting to the ring doesn’t win the prize
Just get up off the matt, regroup, rework, revamp
Just get up, just show up, just open up your eyes

Brawler that you are prepare another day
Clinch the fighter hitting you,
Your shadows and your doubts
Flash knockdowns do not count as out

You may have kissed the canvas
You may have cussed the referee
You may be on the ropes
But at least you still are free

Motive for a haymaker, motive for a win
Motive for a comeback, Motive for a moment
The one you’re living in
Open up the door and let that chance come in

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