Friday, 10 January 2014

Crocodile River

Crocodile, river, crocodile, run,
I've had enough of your crocodile fun
Petty little lies, stupid little fears
I've had enough of your crocodile tears

I'm on the river ridin a raft,
Sun on my face, wind on my back
Heading right down to the rum runner's shack
I'm gone for good won't never come back

You didn't call to see I was fine,
You just called hear to yourself wine
Dropped me a note, I dropped you for good
I drew a line and that's where I stood.

Sitting on the porch in this shanty dig,
Cellar full of rum and plenty to swig
Rock n' and a rollin in my rocking chair
Sweet smell of summer, fillin the air.

Crocodile river, crocodile run,
Crocodile gun and bootleg rum
Crocodile river, crocodile tears,
A shabby old shack and nothing to fear.

Crocodile river, crocodile rock
Just gotta fix me the hole in my sock
Patched up my jeans and I'm looking sweet,
Just gotta get me some shoes for my feet

You called me vindictive, you called me a swine
From my new perspective I'm doing just fine
You keep away you crocodile fool
Or you'll learn a lesson they don't teach in school

I've got a gun, loaded and cocked
Ready to shoot at the next crying croc
Come here again and I'm gonna shoot,
Skin me a croc for some crocodile boots.

Crocodile, river, crocodile, run
dee, da, dee, dee, da dee, dee da, dee dum...

Katrina Boguski January 10, 2014

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