Monday, 16 January 2012


January 13th 2012
Katrina Boguski

Rook on rook in corners ready
Mind be sharp and hand be steady
Bishops angling toward the fight
King on left, Queen on right

At first I played so not to loose
But such a goal was just a ruse
How you think when you begin
Is half the battle half the win

Fearing loss of every pawn
Mourning each as it was gone
Fearing capture of the knight
Forgot to plan to win the fight

Fearing loss and fearing pain
I forgot to win the game
Now as pawns march boldly on
I don’t think much of what has gone

I play to win to check the king
To hold on call his crown and ring
And if a pawn or knight be lost
They worry not and know the cost

To play the games of king and queen
To strategize and plan and scheme
Some get lost in complex moves
Sacrificed but skill improves

The pieces lost line battle sides
And watch the game of changing tides
They learn the moves and take them in
Learning now from others’ wins

Now I see I have not lost
But learned to win not counting cost
With strategy and vision straight
I play to win, oh look checkmate

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