Saturday, 31 December 2011

Just One Note From You

Just One Note From You
November 2011

The words you say can change my day,
With just one note from you
I can turn my thoughts and dreams around
I can pick myself up off the ground,
With just one note from you

Some thoughts are just worth noting
Some works are just worth quoting
Some songs are just worth singing,
Over, and over, and over, and over,

The rainbow never once refused to shine
And sometimes when the raindrops fall
And when I haven’t had a call
I feel the tears begin to well

At that point in my despair
Between the raindrops or the teardrops
Or the backdrops of memories,
It is there. In the space between sighs
There a note appears dispelling all my fears

Spelling words and spilling rhymes
Like the rainbow and its lines
My lines appear when some
Hope filled light begins to shine

Then reading note or hearing song
Suddenly there’s nothing wrong
My tears were simply prisms
All the breaks and all schisms
Where once I saw a void
Now I see a space, like the ones that
Mark the place between the notes
In greater space a greater hope

I see lines appear like a rainbow in the sky
And one note, one word is all it takes
To turn the tide to fill the space
To quell the fear, to bring the peace
My ears attentively await
And that next note anticipate

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