Wednesday, 3 September 2014

10 Tips for Cultivating Creativity (How to be Creative)

  1. Write three pages freehand every morning. Don't edit it; don't read it, just write it.
  2. Devote your peak hours to creativity. If you're a morning person carve out time at the beginning of the day. If you're a night owl, reserve these hours for your creative work.
  3. Spend time in nature. No one is more creative than the Creator. There's a lot to learn from him.
  4. Try different forms of creative expression; it could be that you have not yet discovered your best medium.
  5. Make a list of creative projects you want to do.
  6. Do the creative projects on your list, starting with the one that scares you the most.
  7. Set a deadline for one of your creative projects and meet it.
  8. Pray for inspiration.
  9. Ask for feedback on your work. If there is something to be gained from the feedback learn from it, if not thank the person who offered it and move on.
  10. Be the best you can be, nothing more, nothing less. 
We're all creative. 
Sometimes the creative breakthrough we've been waiting for is just around the corner. 
We are meant to go around corners. 
If you've painted yourself into a corner, 
paint yourself out.

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