Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Color of My Eyes

Inspired by the words of S.Z.,
A former schoolmate of Bruce Springsteen.
After seeing the success he enjoyed, 
I suggested to him that he must have had a head start
from his dad. To which the relentless 
entrepreneur replied, "The only thing
I inherited from my old man was the color of my eyes."

So this is dedicated to every boy from Jersey
Who made it good despite the odds.

Musical influence: Atlantic City, Bruce Springsteen

An upstart kid with a new MBA
Came up to man in the bar (the) other day
He said look at you man
With your money and fame
Wish my life was just the same

Bet you got a lot from your dad
Sure wish I had the luck that you had
Silver spoon, a golden key
Sure didn't come that easy to me

The old man looked up from
From his whiskey neat
Drew a long strong breath
And grit his teeth

The only thing (I) got
From my old man
Was the colour of my eyes
And a good looking tan

Most of my trips down memory lane
Are flashes of hurt, sorrow and pain
If you want my gold, I'd give it to you
If you could endure the pain I've been through

The colour of my eyes
And a good looking tan
That's what I got from my old man
Sorrow and shame, bruises and welts
The whack of his hand
And the whip of his belt

The money and fame
Didn't come in a day
But that's what you think
And that's what you say

(I) Delivered papers at dawn
Washed dishes all night
This money and fame
This fortune and life
It's the purse that I won
From a long hard fight

All you young punks,
You're all the same
Thinking it's easy
And comes without pain

Fortune and fame
Power and might
You want it all
And it's well within sight

It's right up there
Up the long steep climb
On the dusty road where
I earned mine

No one to thank me,
No pat on the back
Now that I've made it
The credit's to dad

All that I got from my old man
Was the color of my eyes
And a coppertone tan
His thousand knockdowns
Gave me courage to stand
Yeah that's what I got
From my old man


  1. Great use of words and great thoughts and a very great awareness at the end where the person realized he got more from his old man than his eyes, he also got grit, determination, and the willingness to get up after getting knocked down. Thanks for sharing and a great lesson that situations are not always as they appear. Peace, D. Hall

  2. D. Hall, thanks for reading and for sharing your comment. The words that initially sparked the lyrics had a big impact on my life, and I often draw on them when tempted to give into the feeling that life is not fair. Life is a series of lessons; some of them very difficult to endure. Despite this, when we get good enough at surviving, we eventually develop the skills to thrive. I hope that whatever you are creating in your life gives you some enjoyment and peace of mind. I hope that you are thriving and continue to do so always. Thanks again for contributing to the comments. Katrina