Saturday, 16 May 2015

Empowering Artists and a Just Economy offers artists the opportunity earn money by promoting products and services to their fans. This concept empowers artists, rewards fans, grows business and develops a just economy. 

Please see the credo to understand more about the values behind this venture. To find out about opportunities available to promote your business, please contact me at: katrinaboguski(at)

Businesses who are members on this site support the arts and gain access to fans across the country. 


  • We believe our talents were given to us that we might develop them for a greater good;
  • We believe using our talents well inspires others to do the same;
  • We believe cooperating as a strong community of artists, businesses, and fans creates a strong and just economy;
  • We believe our work matters to artists, to the economy, and to the causes we support;
  • We believe fans and companies should be rewarded for supporting the arts.
  • We believe in the power of social media to impact positive social change;
  • We believe that the cumulative power of small changes has a big impact over time.
  • We believe in our dreams, our vision, and our ability to realize them.
  • We believe in our team and the fans and businesses that do too.
  • We believe that the power to give more grows with the willingness to give first.
  • We believe in learning from our mistakes and starting over again, everyday, no matter what.
  • We believe the gratitude we show for our work is the best assurance we will return to it again tomorrow with greater earnestness and greater results.
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